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Finance and Accounting in international environment


Program aims at disseminating knowledge of the basics of accounting and its international, managerial and financial aspects. In the field of finance, the programme includes such areas as corporate finance, corporate finance management, public finance, international finance, financial markets, financial analysis, global banking, acquisition of EU funding. Complementary courses, such as micro- and macroeconomics, law, management, foreign languages enhance the content and add a wider perspective.

The program is available both in full-time and part-time version.


Profile of a graduate:

  • Is well-prepared to work in financial structures of international institutions, such as EU, OECD, World Bank or EBOR.
  • Has the knowledge necessary to work in financial consulting agencies.
  • With theoretical background and practical skills gained during studies, is able to develop career in financial and accounting departments of international companies.

Program of study:


Semester I

  • Accounting
  • Business English
  • Finance
  • Mathematics
  • Microeconomics
  • Physical Education
  • Second Foreign Language

Semester II

  • Basic Law
  • Business English
  • Elective course: Economics Geography / Introduction to Management / Country and Economy
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Elective course: Information Technology / Financial Data Analysis Tools / Behavioral and Experimental Methods in Finance
  • Macroeconomics
  • Physical Education
  • Second Foreign Language
  • Statistics

Semester III

  • Banking
  • Business English
  • Corporate Finance
  • Econometrics
  • Insurance
  • International Finance
  • Public Finance
  • Second Foreign Language

Semester IV

  • Business English
  • Elective Course
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Markets
  • Second Foreign Language
  • Trade Law

Semester V

  • Bachelor’s Seminar
  • Elective course: Business Project Evaluation Methods / Regional Development Programming and Financing
  • Elective course: Economic History / Philosophy
  • EU Funds
  • Research Project
  • Elective course: Sociology / Psychology
  • Internship

Semester VI

  • Bachelor’s Seminar
  • Elective course
  • General Equilibrium Theory
  • Global Banking
  • International Finance II

Program of study and course descriptions - full-time


Program of study and course descriptions - part-time


Dedicated language groups for students studying all programmes in English:


First  language - obligatory English - level B2 or C1;

Second obligatory language: Spanish, German - level A1 or B1 or Polish - only level A1.

Łukasz Smug

Łukasz Smug

Contact: schedules for International Business, Corporate Finance and Accounting, Modern Business Management, Applied Inforrmatics, contact with only admitted foreign students studying in English.

phone: +48 (12) 293 54 86


room 1.5

duty hours: Friday from 1 p.m to 3 p.m


Marta Voloshyn

Contact person for: Polish Module, English Module programmes and enrollment for studies conducted in English. 

Contact only by e-mail 


room 009, Main Building

Marta Voloshyn
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