Bachelor's studies in English - educational offer for academic year 2020/2021


Corporate Finance and Accounting - Bachelor's studies in English

  • Program aims at disseminating knowledge of the basics of accounting and its international, managerial and financial aspects;
  • In the field of finance, the programme includes such areas as corporate finance, corporate finance management, public finance, international finance, financial markets, financial analysis, global banking, acquisition of EU funding;
  • Complementary courses, such as micro- and macroeconomics, law, management, foreign languages enhance the content and add a wider perspective
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Programme of study & course descriptions


International Business - Bachelor's studies in English


  • Program is intended for students interested in economic, political, and social relations in the spheres of the global economy, foreign trade, international business management and the European Union;
  • The programme covers such topics as business negotiations, entrepreneurship, international market analysis, international finance and accounting, diplomacy;
  • Students acquire practical skills on analysis and interpretation of social and economic phenomena of contemporary economic processes and their international aspects by working on team projects in a multicultural environment. 
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Programme of study & course descriptions  


Applied Informatics - Bachelor's studies in English


  • A unique connection of Informatics and issues concerning management, economics, finances and accounting.
  • After completing the second year of the studies, the students choose their major: Software Engineering or Information Systems.
  • The major Software Engineering trains designers and developers prepared for creating advanced computer applications; during the classes the students can also learn how to create Internet and mobile applications.
  • The major Information Systems trains specialists prepared for designing and maintaining computer systems for gathering, transmitting, processing and securing information.
  • During the studies, the students can extend their knowledge through realization of selectable additional subjects; their range is very wide and includes i.a. computer graphics, artificial intelligence and methodology of teaching.

Programme of study & course descriptions


Modern Business Management  - Bachelor's studies in English

  • The studies cover the scope of management issues and enable gaining practical knowledge, skills and social competences being the key to success in the new economy.
  • The graduates acquire qualifications concerning i.a. using modern technologies in practice, negotiations and management of small teams.
  • While learning, the modern teaching methods, like case studies or strategic games, are used.
  • The program prepares entrepreneurs for managing their own business and trains middle management managers in all types of manufacturing and service companies.

Programme of study & course descriptions

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