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Prof. dr hab. Stanisław Belniak


Specjalizacja akademicka: Real Estate and Investment Process

Zakres zainteresowań: Real estate market; Real estate valuation; Real estate funding; Investment Process.



Prof. UEK dr hab. Paweł Cabała

Specjalizacja akademicka: strategic management, organization theory
Zakres zainteresowań: strategic planning, scenario planning, project management, systems thinking (systems dynamics approach to business management), strategic analysis methods, managerial decision analysis, organizational development and change, risk management, early warning systems, managerial control systems, theory of action (praxeology).



Prof. UEK dr hab. Marek Ćwiklicki


Specjalizacja akademicka: Management Science

Zakres zainteresowań: Methodology of organization and management science; Theory of Organisation; History of managerial thought; Evolution, adaptation, development and implementation of contemporary management concepts and methods (tools); Information management, infonomics, informatics in management; Enterprise Content Management.



Prof. UEK dr hab. Filip Grzegorczyk

E-mail: /

Specjalizacja akademicka: Business Law

Zakres zainteresowań: Managerial, financial & legal aspects of the power sector and other regulated sectors functioning (incl. EU policies in the respective areas); Corporate governance (accounting & company law); State vs. economy (incl. State’s business activity run by State Owned Enterprises); EU Integration; Other (upon agreement).



Dr hab. Marek Jabłoński


Specjalizacja akademicka: Management science

Zakres zainteresowań: Human resource management in profit organization and public administration; Employee’s competences development within modern models of organization; Modern models of organization (learning organization, intelligent organization, fractal organization); Intangible resources management; Knowledge management; Improving organizational learning processes; Managerial competences management (identification, measurement, development); Modern management methods



Prof. UEK dr hab. Jacek Klich


Specjalizacja akademicka: Economics, Political Science, Management

Zakres zainteresowań: Globalization and Health Care Systems (various aspects of); Management of Health Care Sector (macro, mezzo and micro levels); European Health Care Systems and their Reforms; Polish Health Care System and its Evolution (including private sector development); Privatization in Post-Communist Countries; EU – Russia Economic Relations; EU and Energy Security - and few other proposed by the Students.



Dr hab. Daniel Kosiorowski


Specjalizacja akademicka: Applications of the modern mathematical statistics in the Economics (Mathematical Statistics, Nonparametric Econometrics, Data Mining, Data Visualization, R)

Zakres zainteresowań:

  • ze względu na metodologię: Robust statistics (robust multivariate statistics, robust regression, robust time series analysis); Nonparametric statistic (nonparametric tests, kernel density estimation, kernel regression); Data depth concept (multivariate medians, functional boxplots, multivariate skewness); R environment and data visualization; Functional data analysis
  • ze względu na zakres badań: Theory of Economics; Macroeconomics; Economy of Welfare; Regional Economics; Social Economics.

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Dr hab. Andrzej W. Kozina


Specjalizacja akademicka: Management

Zakres zainteresowań: The analysis & modeling of business negotiations & organizational conflicts; Improvement (diagnosis & designing) of organizational structures; Organizational restructuring; Business processes management; Managing organizational change & development.


Prof. UEK dr hab. Paweł Lula


Academic Specialization: Exploratory Data Analysis

Areas of Academic Interest:

Ontology-based data analysis. In data analysis an “ontology” can be defined as a formal description of domain knowledge (hierarchy of entities and relations between them). For example the ACM Computing Classification System ( or the  Universal Decimal Classification ( belong to the group of the best known ontologies. Ontologies can describe any aspect of social or economic life and activity. Their creation can be supported by popular software tools (for example: Ontologies are very useful for proper interpretation of data and also play crucial role in similarity calculation and quality evaluation of objects. The scope of PhD thesis should cover the process of ontology creation or customization and its application in analysis of real-life data (for example cluster analysis or evaluation of objects’ quality). Also PhD thesis can be focused on ontology-based exploratory analysis of consumer opinions.



Dr hab. Łukasz Mamica

Assistant Professor


Specjalizacja akademicka: innovation policy, industrial policy, public economy, competitiveness

Zakres zainteresowań: creative industries, national and regional industrial policy



Prof. UEK dr hab. Ewa Miklaszewska


Specjalizacja akademicka: Banking and International Finance

Zakres zainteresowań: Banks and financial intermediation: sources of risks and returns; Evolution of Global Financial Architecture: questions of efficiency and stability; The impact of financial crisis of 2007-2008 on the financial industry; Evolution of global regulations: Basel 1 (1998), 2 (2004) and 3 (2010); The Dodd-Frank Act in the US (2010) and New European System of Financial Supervision (2010); Strategies of global financial services companies.



Prof. UEK dr hab. Alicja Miś


Specjalizacja akademicka: Management

Zakres zainteresowań: HR management; Social science methodology in HR management; Individual development; Career development.



Dr hab. inż. Janusz Morajda


Specjalizacja akademicka: Economic Informatics, Computer Science.

Zakres zainteresowań: Informatics and its Application to Business and Economy; Konowledge Engineering, Data Mining; Economic Data Analysis; Artificial (Computational) Inelligence and its Business Applications.



Dr hab. Monika Murzyn Kupisz

Assistant Professor

UNESCO Chair for Heritage and Urban Studies

Department of Economic and Social History

Krakow University of Economics


Specjalizacja akademicka: cultural economics, heritage studies, urban studies, regional studies

Zakres zainteresowań:

1. cultural economics with a special focus on the economics of cultural heritage and museums;

2. the role of culture and heritage in local and regional development;

3. cultural policy;

4. socio-economic impact of public investments in the field of culture and tourism;

5. contemporary economic, social and spatial transformations of cities in Central and Eastern Europe;

6.theoretical and practical aspects of urban regeneration;

7. the multiethnic and multicultural cultural landscape of Europe with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe.



Prof UEK dr hab. Mateusz Pipień


Specjalizacja akademicka: Econometrics, financial econometrics, macroeconometrics, Bayesian inference, empirical finance, business cycle analysis

Zakres zainteresowań: Econometrics; Empirical Macroeconomics; Empirical Finance.



Prof. dr hab. Aleksy Pocztowski


Specjalizacja akademicka: Human Resources Management

Zakres zainteresowań: Transformation of HR-Function; Strategic HRM; International HRM; Reward management; Diversity issues.



Prof. UEK dr hab. Adam Sagan


Specjalizacja akademicka: Marketing Research

Zakres zainteresowań: Methodology of marketing research; Qualitative and quantitative research methods; Laddering interviews and means-end theory; Measurement in marketing; Models of consumer behavior; Latent variables models.



Dr hab. Piotr Soja


Specjalizacja akademicka: Management Information Systems, Computer Science

Zakres zainteresowań: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, enterprise systems (ES); ERP/ES implementation, organizational and inter-organizational issues; evaluation of ERP/ES; critical success factors/determinants of ERP/ES implementation; impediments and barriers to ERP/ES success; Enterprise modeling; Information and communication technologies (ICT) in developing countries and Emerging/transition economies; Organizational and inter-organizational integration; IT service management.


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Prof. UEK dr hab. Aleksander Surdej


Specjalizacja akademicka: International Regulatory Economics

Zakres zainteresowań: European single market regulations. Cost-benefit analysis; International regulatory cooperation, global public policies; Pharmaceutical industry: markets, health and development.



Prof. UEK dr hab. Krzysztof Wach

Specjalizacja akademicka: international business, entrepreneurship
Zakres zainteresowań: International Business (International Entrepreneurship; International Marketing; International Management; Internationalisation Strategies / Entry Mode Strategies; Cross-Culture Perspective of International Business; European Business and Europeanisation of Management; International Entrepreneurial Orientation; Born Globals, Global Startups); Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurial Process, Entrepreneurial Orientation; Entrepreneurial Management; Strategic Entrepreneurship; Family Firms and Family Entrepreneurship; Inclusive Entrepreneurship, Small Business Economics and Management, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises - SMEs)

Remark: PhD Dissertations are possible in both disciplines that is in Economics or Management.


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Dr hab. Robert W. Włodarczyk


Specjalizacja akademicka: Economics

Zakres zainteresowań: International financial markets; Stock exchanges; Corporate finance; Investment advising; International finance; Macroeconomics; Labor market; Monetary integration; Euro zone; The theory of economics.



Dr hab. Agnieszka Żbikowska


Specjalizacja akademicka: Marketing

Zakres zainteresowań: International marketing: research on international markets, international market entry modes, business presence strategies in foreign markets, planning and implementation of marketing tools on international markets, the role of culture in international marketing; Public relations: PR tools in achieving marketing goals of organizations, Public Relations in building organizations image, crisis management.

Łukasz Smug

Łukasz Smug

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